Salter Gives Away Election Date And Causes Rift With Pakistan

In a previous post I quoted Salter saying he would only be an MP for another 2 weeks, either he is resigning or he has just given away the date of the election. He said it on th 17th March.

Two weeks from then would be the 31st March, implying that most commentators would be correct with an election on the 6th may.

Will this mean the end of this blog? Should its name become Aloksnottheone? (Or Nazisnottheone possibly?) Will those parties rush out and reserve the blog names quickly?

Comments please.

In the same speech Salter also named and shamed Pakistan.

“I will not name the embassy because it would probably be inappropriate for me to cause an international incident in my last two weeks as an MP.   If people want to look at my interests in south Asia, they can probably work it out. I was invited to a very salubrious dinner at the high commissioner’s-we all get to go to such things from time to time. I was appalled to walk out of that residence in a palatial part of north London and see that the accommodation of the guy who picked me up-the driver for the high commissioner-was a garage.”

When a Tory challenged him to do so, he later named it as the Pakistan high commission.  How will this go down with the Pakistan community in Reading? Labour have been trying to convince them that they will build them a mosque for free for about 10 years, to bribe them to vote. That may end soon.

On the politics show on last week Salter said people regarded MPs as war criminals, that he liked to think he remained a member of the human race. Well he is partly right, the public regard many MPs as criminals because they are criminals. And there life in power has meant they have lost touch with ordinary people who voted them in. Kick them all out I say.

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