Salter Senility, “Complete balls up – just as well I’m not standing again.”

In a article full of the usual guff, Salter speaks about his week.

He tries to pretend he is really busy with constituency work, saying he has 22,000 case files from constituents. He has been an MP since 1997, thats nearly 13 years. Thats 423 a week, even with a staff who can read that? Yet he claims to have dealt with most of the weeks work in 4 hours.

It also means he has been contacted by a suspiciously huge percentage of his consituents, about a third. I contacted him, his answers were always late and mostly irrelevant. Often he answered a question I didnt ask, so he was sending out the same answer to lots of people. Mostly strait to the bin.

Yet the Hansard society says the average emails sent ave per MP is far lower than this, around 135 a year. Is most of Salters correspondence junk mail? They work for you used to record email responses from MPs, and he was below average.

But the incompetence is that he went to the wrong school to give a speech! I imagine the pupils were delighted not to have to listen to him. He says “Complete balls up – just as well I’m not standing again.” True

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