Salter Speaks again! Pedlars

Martin Salter (Reading West, Labour)

I can confirm that there was a tragic funeral, which both I and Mr. Wilson had to go to. I am delighted that the Reading Borough Council Bill’s passage has been eased and that an accommodation has been found, but many of us have spent an inordinate amount of our lives-which we will not get back again-on the objections of Mr. Chope. He appears to base a lot of what he says on a conversation with a single significant pedlar, so will he confirm the communications that he has had with the pedlar community as a whole? I am confused as to why we have had to spend so much time on these measures.

Martin Salter (Reading West, Labour)
Does the hon. Gentleman realise that his council tax payers, like mine in Reading, welcome the legislation but question how much of their money has had to be spent on something that could have been resolved very easily by the Government if they had put a Bill before the House? This is not an ideal way to go about solving a comparatively simple problem, is it? is a new website about this issue

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If you want to contribute to the legislative process then your MP is the means by which you can achieve this.

It is your MP’s voice in Parliament that makes a difference.

Pedlars are grateful to Christopher Chope MPIan Liddell-Grainger MP for their submissions in Parliament – they have blocking motions in place at Second Reading on pedlar legislation in the Commons.

write to your MP to support the blocking motion by other MP’s – and tell your MP why they should speak up in defence of your liberty and freedom to be a pedlar.

click article by Parliamentary Agent to MP’s

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