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The man who said “There is no prospect of my ever blogging. What little I have seen of the blogsphere,  it seems to me to be the last refuge for tragic insomniacs who lack social skills.”

So guess what, he has started blogging! You can see it here

Unfortunately they wont let me comment, so much for openness! The editor says “Let’s just clear something up. You can be as aggressive as you like towards Martin Salter in attacking his views, his record, his party, his support for the Government. What you can’t do is engage in personal abuse of *any* Telege personal dishonesty to him or her. This policy is going to be enforced strictly across the site. Get used to it.

There are specific legal issues relating to the poster called martinsnottheone, who is concealing his/her identity, but is engaged in a long-term personal campaign against Mr Salter which involves making many defamatory statements. We face legal action if we allow this person to use Telegraph blogs as an anonymous platform for this campaign.”
Martin got 3 previous version of this blog deleted, so scared is he of my opinions. So it isn’t a surprise that he is also scared of my comments. The surprise is that the Telegraph are going along with this.
Anyway, if this blog really contains actionablematerial, then why hasn’t Martin asked for its removal?
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  1. […] the original post here: Telegraph Blog « Martinsnottheone's Weblog Share and […]

  2. seems a bit odd, because this site doesn’t go in for “statements” – it usually reproduces what Salter has said and lets it speak for itself. I haven’t tried to comment on the Telegraph site, but perhaps I will now and see what happens.

  3. I agree, its more satirical than offensive, but to Salter any disagreement seems to be akin to defamation.

    And I just registered under a different name.

    Salter must really hate this site. I would have thought he hates your site even more though. Kudos to Jane.

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