Top Corrupt MPs

In at Number 1, Elliot Morley has been suspended from the parliamentary Labour Party “until further notice” following allegations he claimed £16,000 for a non-existent mortgage.

2 Jacqui Smith who described a room in her sister’s house as her main residence, and

3 Hazel Blears who designated one second home for the Commons authorities and another for the taxman.

4 Fabian Hamilton, who overclaimed for his mortgage while living with his mother

5 Claire Short £8,000 dodgy mortage claims

6 Shahid Malik who has stepped down as deputy at the Ministry of Justice and the £800 massage chair, claimed £66,827 over three years

7 Margaret Moran spent £22,500 of tax payers’ money treating dry rot at her and her husband’s seaside house a hundred miles from her constituency days after switching her second home there.

8 David Clelland who tried to block disclosure of MPs’ second-home spending, claimed on expenses for the cost of “buying out” his partner’s £45,000 stake in his London flat.

9 agriculture minister, and David Chaytor carried on claiming £13,000 mortgage interest payments despite the mortgages having been completely paid

10 Ian McCartney, the former Labour Party chairman, spent £16,000 furnishing and decorating his designated second home but paid the money back two years later

And for the Tories

1 Andrew MacKay, who blatantly deprived the taxpayer by claiming, with his MP wife, two sets of second home allowances for different properties

2 Tory MP Douglas Hogg announced that he will repay £2,200 in after admitting the clearing of his moat was “not positively excluded” from a claim.

3 John Maples, Tory deputy chairman with responsibility for candidates, who declared his private members’ club as his main home, allowing him to spend money on his second home.

4 Vandals carved a pound sign in the lawn of Tory MP Alan Duncan, who claimed over £4,000 for gardening!

5 Julian Lewis, a shadow minister, asked if he could claim £6,000 in expenses for a wooden floor at his second home but Commons officials ruled that the spending “could be seen as extravagant”

6 Former shadow defence secretary Michael Ancram claimed almost £100 for the repair of a swimming pool boiler but said he had made a “genuine mistake” and would repay the money.

7 James Arbuthnot, chairman of the Commons defence select committee, had claimed £1,471 for garden and swimming pool costs. He has agreed to repay the swimming pool expenses.

8 former cabinet minister Douglas Hogg, MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham, submitted claims for more than £2,000 to clear a moat around his estate and £14,500 for a housekeeper.

Last but not least Liberals

1 Andrew George claimed expenses on £300,000 flat ‘used as a bolt-hole by his model daughter’

2 Nick Clegg, the party leader, claimed the maximum possible on his second home allowance as well as exceeded his budget by more than £100 – even while calling for a reform of the system.

3 Former leader Sir Menzies Campbell hired an interior designer to refurbish his flat in central London, spending nearly £10,000 of taxpayers’ money on scatter cushions, a king-sized bed and a flat screen television.

4 Chris Huhne, the party’s home affairs spokesman, claimed for a £119 trouser press which was delivered to his main home rather than his designated second address. He also claimed for fluffy dusters and the upkeep of his ‘pergola cross beam’, a piece of garden apparatus.

5 Lembit Opik charged taxpayers for a £40 court summons he received for the non-payment of his council tax and £2,499 for a TV – the TV claim was rejected as ‘too expensive’.

6 Treasury spokeswoman Julia Goldsworthy bought a leather rocking chair in a thousand-pound spending spee just days before the second homes allowance deadline passed.

Now some people make the mistake of thinking im clean myself, luckily they dont read who revealed ‘my’ scam a few years ago.

UPDATE there is also


and just about everyone else

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