New Low In Politics, ‘Chief Rebel’ fails to rebel


Salter asked a good question for once during Question Time, helping give Brown a terrible day.

On the Daily Politics Martin was referred to as a leader of the Labour rebels.

In the Guardian; ‘Martin Salter who has signed one of the Labour rebel amendments on this issue, tells MPs he attended a Gurkha funeral last year. Will Brown bring forward the review of the new system? Brown pays tribute to Salter’s campaigning work on this. He says he is “very sensitive” to the case Salter raised.’


The Mirror says “Mr Salter has written to fellow Labour MPs urging them to sign up and revolt in the Commons vote, which was triggered by the Liberals. He said: “This is a moral issue and far more important then narrow party political squabbling. This is about doing the right thing by people who risked their lives for us.”


After all that;Labour MP Martin Salter, chairman of the Parliamentary group on Gurkhas’ rights, abstained.

He told the BBC he refused to support the government but wanted to acknowledge the concessions made.


A good day for the rebels, who won the vote. But a new low for him, following a long record of pretending to be a rebel than not rebelling. But he took the biscuit today, being the chair of the parliamentary group on Gurkha rights and then failing to vote as he had promised. He is a terrible hypocrite

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