What The Opposition Is Saying


My rival for Reading East Rob WIlson said ‘I am going to break my self-imposed rule of not mentioning Martin Salter in my column. Last week, however, he announced he is stepping down as an MP. Whatever one’s view of his contribution and views, it is important we thank all those who take part in public life. It is not easy and involves, in many cases, considerable sacrifice. So I add my thanks for his service and wish him and his family well in the future.’

Liberal Democrat) are Reading West Lib Dem Parliamentary hopeful Patrick Murray paid tribute to Martin Salter and the work he had done in the constituency. But he added: “This is the end of an era for Reading and an admission by Reading Labour that this was a defeat in the making.”              Clearly he doesnt live here so doesnt know how little Ive dont for the last decade. He was also quoted saying that “the battle for the parliamentary seat will now be a two-way fight.” That will be between Labour and the Tories then, those Liberals really are pathetic.

Howard Thomas Common Sense Party has an opinion on everything, expresses it here, http://blogs.getreading.co.uk/archives/251-Martin-Salter-to-step-down.html

Independent Cllr Tony Jones says “Martin, whom I have known since defeating him to gain the Whitley council seat selection in 1984, conceded that things were bad, but said that we should concetrate all our talents and abilities on winning in Reading West…. He also confided that he would stand down before the next election. I told him I honestly thought he couldn’t win, which he didn’t like – believing his personality could buck any national trend – but said he wanted to move on. He told me that only Councillor John Ennis or I could replace him, because Labour had no other local credible candidates. However, he did not want to annouce his decision too early and be branded a lame duck MP. I thanked him and told him I wasn’t interested.”http://jonesindep.blogspot.com/2009/02/labour-lose-reading-west.html

I was looking for a quote from Alok Sharma, but cant see that he has said much on the subject. http://www.readingwestconservatives.com/index.php?sectionid=1



http://ukpollingreport.co.uk/guide/seat-profiles/readingwest is full of speculation .

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