Am I a Racist?

Nothing to do with my support or lack of it of Obama, I am more of a Hilary person, like Gordipoo.

About this silly question, its a row about a curry magazine last week on immigration. Im all for immigrants cleaning my floors etc but when they catch fish IO want them all banned!


I said “A system that applies equally to a white Russian, a black Jamaican or someone from south Asia is not racially motivated.” So no stereotyping from me then, hmmm.

Mr Ahmed of Curry Life said: “The editorial in Curry Life never at any point mentions the points-based system. It is highly critical of the Home Office and the way that Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants are targeted in raids. It is about the discrimination they face and about institutional racism in the system.” We are totally against capping but we are not against the point-based system. There are certainly some problems with it, some loopholes which need to be sorted out. The system was based on an Australian model and I think there are problems with it, but it is quite wrong to suggest, as Mr Salter has done, that we regard it as ‘completely racist’.”

He also said “many of his readers were restaurateurs in Reading who would be concerned about this misinterpretation.” And of the home affairs select committee’s trip to India and Bangladesh – before it set off – “The select committee is the creation of the Home Office, the very institution that is behind the reckless, thuggish raids on Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants in many parts of Britain.

“It’s lily-white hands are steeped in racist mischief.”
Who can he be referring to? My hands are nicely tanned after years of lazing about outside on the river bank, fishing andf catching the rays.

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