Manchester Conference

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Back at work after a very long break, cheers taxpayers. I’m busy at the Labour conference in Manchester, trying to be a Brown loyalist, hoping he will get me a job in the government. I’ve only 2 years max as an MP, as the Tories down my way are already ahead.

You must click on this great clip at the BBC website, where Cllr Basher McKenzie also at Labour Conference talks about coming 5th in the Henley by election, becoming unemployed and his chances of getting elected in the future (slim). They also discuss Martin Salter MP (thats myGOODself) in the pubs getting MPs to sign a go4th pledge. Go 4th and do wat you ask? Why a 4th term of course.

According to I called Kerry, asking her to sign up to support the clunking fist. She suggested a few other names who would support it, but I said ‘no, we don’t need lots of names, just a representative bunch’. What nonsense is this? More sigs means more support.

Gordon made a huge speech yesterday, and the biggest ovation came when G said, “We did fix the roof when the sun was shining”. Ummmm, well, nice weather were having this week, and isnt fishing a great way of, you know…

And doesnt G look grey, Tony aged rapidly in the job, its no surprise G does it as well, he must follow in those footsteps.

And religious nutcase Ruth Kelly has resigned, good timing from her to overshadow the conference. I wonder if there is a book deal?

Now some news from last weeks Lib Conference, they backed PFI, and the conf was was sponsored by Tesco! Every little helps. Microsoft and the Indy also helped sponsored it.

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