Maskells not the one

After considerable speculation an expectant Reading is still waiting to hear if Cllr Maskell is too become an independent. This is big news in Reading, as it would bring the current political balance into question. Currently Lab 19, Tory 18, Lib 8 and 1 independant. With one perhaps leaving Labour it will be 18, 18, 8 and 2, with the Indies being a small group. Currently Labour run a minority admistration, being outvoted only rarely when the others gang up sach as over Freddie Pugh finally becomming Mayor. Maskells website had announced a deadline of 4pm saturday, with the message community before party(and then an independence day image). Now its a test card.
Is it because im holding a big knife in my hand that he is scared, or because he describes me as his mentor. Perhaps with enough pressure I will become the first reading independent MP, but only if some big sponsors come forward, as I wont be cheap.

and see when the cake loving ex mayor changes his website at /

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  1. Salter is doing a photocall in Reading East in this picture, as per usual. Your challenge – to find a picture of him doing something in Reading WEst.

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