Disaster In Crewe

We have taken a severe kicking in Crewe, for several reasons. Firstly there is a perception that we’re not listening, the ‘toff’ campaign and the 10p tax fiasco. We’ve actually been very lucky that the Tories are still mistrusted, it could easily have been worse. And why did the team in Crewe pick such a silly campaign, Gwyneth Dunwoody was an asset because she was independent minded, her daughter tried to appear a loyalist. She also attacked the Tory as being a toff, when she appeared to be one, she has been Labour aristocracy for generations. Then they attacked him for living outside the constituency, when she lives even further away. If we make the Tories look trusted, we are really failing.

And yet those same voters who tried to send this message at C&N yesterday will have heard Harriet Harman in the morning saying that the problems were all because of America’s credit crunch, and we are going to fix it by asking OPEC to pump more oil and doing something about loft insulation…

Another problem is Hazel Blears. She has a highly condecending attitude and tends to immediately sneer at voters. Also needing to change or leave; Balls, Kelly, Denham, Benn…

Voters are fed up always paying more taxes, and yet experiencing less and less services in return. The 10p fiasco still hasn’t been fixed for the poorest paid. Police pay is making us look ridiculous.

Britain is facing a real economic crisis, food and fuel prices are up, and from the doorstep it was obvious that people were and are angry with us, disillusioned with our increasingly reactionary rhetoric and keen to send Gordon Brown a message. His image of being a political genius has been shot down in flames, the game is up. He needs to find something to say that voters will believe in, he is seen as a liar, a liability on the scale of Tony. We created all the quangoes and brought in all the management consultants, we can get rid of them. Lets not forget education, closing post offices etc.

If Labour is to secure an unprecedented fourth term then it must urgently set about renewing itself, its message and its organisation. I am not ashamed to be in the Labour party and I am proud of what we have achieved since 1997 but I am also acutely aware that we cannot constantly keep talking about these modest achievements.

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