To have 42 days or not to have 42 days, thats the detention

April fools debate is no joke. This took place on the 1st of April.

We already have longer detention without trial than any other western european country, and the police havent’ convinced anyone of the need for it to be longer. But convincing people that  Gordon Brown is tough on crime is more important than the rights of a few criminals. So onwards to the glorious future with detention without trial. Good O.

On that point, critics of the Government have argued that Parliament is incapable of having a meaningful debate on the reserve powers mentioned in the Home Secretary’s proposals, but has not the House for many years had meaningful debate on the extension of the prevention of terrorism Act powers? Does the Home Secretary not accept that her proposals would be substantially improved if the House, instead of having to wait 30 days, had the opportunity to vote on the reserve powers within a far shorter time—say, within 10 or even seven days? We could then have a meaningful impact on the process that she is setting out.


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