What Others Are Saying About Me

Kerron Cross says at http://kerroncross.blogspot.com/2006/09/martin-salter-is-total-legend.html
One of my favourite MPs is Martin Salter – the undoubtedly hard working MP for Reading West.
I was at a Young Fabians event last night (I know I’m hardly young or Fabian, but lets gloss over those facts for now!) and Martin was the pick of those giving the speeches to the assembled throng.
Martin opened with the point that alcohol is apparently not his “drug of choice”, which does rather make me wonder what is, but he rarely needs liquid encouragement for an outburst.
For example I can remember a legendary effort when ahead of the last election he was talking to prospective Labour candidates about the importance of surveys, accurate data collection, and ensuring you work very hard locally to deliver on the things that are important to the local electorate. As is de rigeur at these events, a number of starry-eyed PPCs then queued up to tell everyone that their way of doing things would actually work far better than the suggestion offered by the speaker.
Martin intently listened to one PPC, waited patiently and calmly till the guy had finished speaking, then paused and said: “Yeah? Well that’s just b*****s!”, which was a masterful (and deserved) put down for the person concerned.
“We need to fight all right wing organisations like the PLP…erm, the BNP!”You know what Martin? Some would say you were right the first time!

Chris Gale said… Martin Salter is the voice of the killing birds for fun brigade as a patron of the BASC.

Simon said… I find it amusing that Martin Salter says we need to “fight against hard right groups” when he is the MP trying to push a draconian new law through parlaiment that will see anyone caught looking at so called “dodgy porn” sites jailed for 3 years, despite the fact the material in them is staged, consensual and perfectly legal in every other country. Who’s the real hard righter here? (so much for Voltaire).

See what do they know, there arent any Dragons here, so no draconian laws. Tee hee.

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