My Friends in Reading

My Friends in Reading include
The people behind the almost successful one way IDR scheme, and the development of Kennet Valley Park. I know those losers at the Environment Agency think it will cause major flooding in Reading, but what can they know.

“Without Peter Brett Associates, it is unlikely that GreenPark would exist, how much poorer the world would then be, just imagine. Over a 15 year period, we battled with local authorities (well thats a bit of an exageration, they had my help to get them on board) and other stakeholders to convince them of the massive potential for Reading. Our innovative flood relief scheme became the key to unlocking the full potential of the development and our involvement continues – more than a quarter of a century later.”

Reading’s position as the economic and retail capital of the Thames Valley brings many opportunities for sustainable growth as well as significant transport challenges. Reading Borough Council’s visionary approach is delivering policies, strategies and schemes for a series of sustainable transport solutions that underpin all aspects of Reading’s City 2020 vision for the future. With my help and guadance thats nearly true.
*Five-year partnership agreement with Reading Borough Council (c above)
*More than 50 strategic transport projects in progress
*€3 million of European Union funds secured for Reading Station upgrades

M4 Junction 11 Improvements, as true sustainability means build lots more roads. And a bridge. And thousands more homes on land susceptible to flooding.
The construction of a four-lane gyratory scheme, with bus priority, at junction 11 on the M4 motorway in Reading, Berkshire, will provide a sustainable, integrated transport solution to reduce heavy traffic congestion and delays affecting south Reading. The £50m public sector scheme for Reading Borough Council is one of a series of balanced highway improvements for the town.
*Sustainable, integrated transport solution to reduce traffic congestion and delays
*Scheme critical to unlocking full potential of new developments in south Reading
*Measurable benefits to the local community. Like traffic, noise and polution.
Sustainability lies at the heart of the proposed Kennet Valley Park development to the south-west of Reading. The 300 hectare scheme will provide homes, leisure and community facilities and a country park for public use, making a significant contribution towards the future housing needs of this region of Berkshire.

“We have a thorough understanding of Reading’s transport infrastructure. This knowledge, combined with our ‘can-do’, delivery-orientated approach, was a major factor in our selection as engineering consultant. We are also breaking down the boundaries between transport planning and urban design to deliver an aesthetically pleasing scheme that will improve Reading’s public realm.”

“This exciting regeneration project provides a massive opportunity for us to continue our role in shaping the future of Reading over the next 30 years, creating a sustainable urban community that will allow more people to live and work in the area.” Ben Mitchell


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